Activities on the Outer Banks

There are many points of interest on the Outer Banks based upon what time of year you visit. See below for a list of some of the sites we have enjoyed visiting:

Summer time activities:

  1. Ship wrecks along the Beach.(website)
    The inclement weather, unusual geographic location, and shallow shoals off the coast have combined to create the "Graveyard of the Atlantic". Explore the numerous shipwrecks off the coast of the Outer Banks that are accessible through dives and snorkeling. If you're lucky you might find Blackbeard's Gold!

  2. Fishing and Crabbing (pics)
    The gentle warm waters of the Pamlico and Currituck Sounds are home to millions of crabs. You can wade out hundreds of yards into waist deep water in the sound, catch your dinner, and bring it back to your house for some of the freshest crabs you'll ever taste. Or, you can take your fishing rod to the ocean and hope for a bluefish blitz!

  3. Sailing and Jet Skiing (website, pics)
    The warm southerwesterly summer winds offer spectacular sailing and windsurfing. Enjoy the late afternoon sun while sailing on catamarans, Flying Scotts, and Inter-20s. Or, if you're a motor head, rev up the engine of a jet ski and jump some waves!

  4. Hang Gliding (website, pics)
    The winds at Jockey's Ridge are perfect for hang gliders of all experience levels. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner looking to try something new, Jockey's Ridge has something to offer for everyone. Stop by Kitty Hawk Kites across the street from the ridge and sign up for a lesson.

  5. Relaxing on the Beach (pics)
    What would a trip to the beach be without relaxing on the beach? Take a break from it all and let the cool afternoon winds dance over your skin while you're warmed by the summer sun. Relax with a cool drink in your hand under the shade of a beach umbrella and forget about work.

  6. Hurricane Isabel (2003) (pics)
    Drive along the beach road (NC 12) in Kitty Hawk and take notice of the damage from Hurricane Isabel. When Isabel came ashore it brought with it 110 mph winds and a 10 foot storm surge, inundating the low lying areas of Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, and Nags Head. Many sand piles still exist from this storm and are visible at each street corner.

  7. Other OBX Web Sites (website)
    Click the above link to view other Outer Banks websites.

Year-round activities:

  1. North Carolina Aquarium (website)
    Visit the North Carolina Aquarium in Manteo and play in the underwater world of our marine friends! After visiting your wet friends head across town and see a play at the Lost Colony.

  2. Wright Brothers Memorial (website, pics)
    This memorial marks the first spot where the Wright Brothers took to the air in the world's first powered airplane. The memorial includes tours, exhibits, a walk of the grounds, and a gift shop.

  3. Jockey's Ridge Sand Dunes (website, pics)
    The Outer Banks are a barrier island that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. Bounded by moutains to the west and the warm Gulf Stream to the east, the Outer Banks experiences strong winds in the spring, fall, and winter months. Jockey's Ridge is a series of enormous sand dunes that have formed as a result of the strong winds and is a popular spot for hang gliding, hiking, camping, sightseeing, and kite flying.

  4. Pea Island National Seashore (website)
    Pea Island is a National Wildlife Refuge located on Hatteras Island that contains a large variety of ducks, geese, swans, wading birds, shore birds, sea turtles, and peregrine falcons. It is definitely worth a visit for avid birdwatchers!

  5. Lost Colony on Roanoke Island (website)
    In 1587, 120 men women and children established the first English colony in the new world and then suddenly disappeared! There are many different interesting theories as to where the colonists disappeared to, and you can learn more about this exciting mystery by visiting the Lost Colony in Manteo. Tours are available as well as musical theatres and plays. Downtown Manteo is also a fun small town to visit before or after your visit to the Lost Colony.

  6. Several Light Houses (website)
    Several lighthouses adourn the Outer Banks coastline as warnings to sailors. Some of these lighthouses are still in use and are lit each night at twilight. Most lighthouses offer tours of their grounds, and usually have a beautiful view of the ocean from their perched vantage points.

  7. Cape Hatteras (website)
    This beautiful national park is comprised of over 70 miles of seashore and is home to hundreds of different bird species and other marine animals. Campsites are available as well as 4 wheel drive offroading.

  8. Ocracoke Island (website)
    Explore Blackbeard's old stomping grounds on Ocracoke Island, which is accessible only by air and by water. This small island of wilderness offer swimming, fishing, suntanning, and birdwatching.

  9. Whalehead Hunt Club (website, pics)
    In the fall of 1922, a wealthy industrialist began construction of a 21,000 square foot private residence on the northern shoares of the Outer Banks. Several years later this mansion turned into a private hunt club for waterfowl. The grounds are truly beautiful and tours through the house are fun.

  10. Eating Out at Local Restaurants
    The town of Duck has a large number of choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From surf and turf to fresh vegetables from local farms, you can find almost anything your taste buds desire somewhere in town. Our personal favorites are Duck Deli as well as the Blue Point Bar and Grill.

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